Entanglement / Solo Presentation

Io Makandal | Entanglement
Solo Presentation, shortlisted for the Tomorrow’s Today award at Investec Cape Town Art Fair, curated by Tumelo Mosaka, presented by Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
14.02.18 – 18.02.18

Entanglement, 2018, mixed media installation, dimensions variable, Investec Cape Town Art Fair  

Entanglement, 2018

Entanglement is an exploration of material that converges with the body and matter within a designated period of time. Threads of string hang taut dividing space and light, colours punctuate emotive moments, a bone rests on a piece of foil, a mesh of fabric obstructs a suspended leaf. Organic matter is embroiled with the artificial detritus of industry and human activity. Entangled into a confabulation of metaphor, meaning and matter as they vibrate in their repsective agency. I intuit objects, offsetting and pairing them with unexpected counterparts; concrete weighs down a red thread while transparent helium balloons drift with orange construction fencing only to deflate into their ending. I mutate these materials or frustrate one against the other creating visual haikus or material salad.

This meditation over material positions one to consider the myraid of relationships between the body and matter within a system; an ecology of sorts. We observe chance encounters, degeneration, and proliferation - 'thingness' developing and changing.
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