Opportunistic Plantscapes / MFA exhibition

Io Makandal | Opportunistic Plantscapes
Masters in Fine Arts, Practical Exhibition, The Point of Order, Wits Art School, Johannesburg.
31.01.22 – 11.02.22

Opportunistic Plantscape: Composting Feral Topographies explores vegetal relations in the urban layout and gestures towards plant potentials to expand a more-than-human perception. Over the duration of the exhibition Makandal will continue to work in the opportunistic plantscape set up at The Point of Order as a “living studio / greenhouse / garden”, playing with material and formal pairings, juxtapositions and gradual composting from one state into another as chance exchanges, contaminations and conversations are encouraged to emerge and culminate into entropy. The exhibition features a variety of vegetal sculpture, drawing, photography and installation that together create an immersive plantscape that invites one to ask, what constitutes vegetal being?

Io Makandal copyright 2023